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Applied Magnets range of Plate and Billet Lifting Magnets caters extensively for the steel manufacturing, merchant and engineering industries.
Magnets are custom designed and speciality designs include the following:

  • Large slab handling units
  • Hot billet handling operations
  • Multiple spreader beam systems for large plate handling operations
  • Battery back-up systems for fail safe critical lift and release operations.

Lifting capacities : Up to 25000 kg

Drum magnets provide excellent screening of dry larger particle sizes.
Units are provided as;
Electro-magnetic units
Axial or radial pole configurations
Permanent magnetic units
Axial or radial configurations
Normal ferrite or High intensity Rare Earth units

Slag recovery processes, upgrading of minerals, recycling industry, food industry, etc.

Diameter : 400 mm – 1500 mm diameter
Face length: 400 mm - 1800 mm

Applied Magnets provide a range of permanent magnetic lifters suitable for the handling of plates and tubular steel products.
The units are manufactured using high strength Neo magnets ensuring safe lifting operations.
Lifting ranges: 300 kg, 600 kg, 1000 kg, 2000 kg, 3000 kg

Bi-polar lifting magnets are designed specifically for pipe, tube, round bar, round billet, bundle handling and rolled steel lifting applications.
The custom designed pole area ensure deep penetration and excellent surface contact to ensure safe and maximum lifting force.

Lifting capacities varies from 500 kg up to 25000 kg - depending on the application.